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Last Update: 5 October 2011

Sentinel GeoRSS Service

RSS feed     Sentinel Hotspots - Last 24 hrs

  • Sentinel RSS data is updated after every received MODIS satellite pass.
  • Only 'Hotspots' detected in the last 24 hours are reported.
  • Due to the large number of 'Hotspots' that can be detected, the data may be decimated to a varying degree.
  • The size of the decimation grid is reported and implies that for this hotspot, there may be additional hotspots within this approximate distance that are not separately identified in the RSS feed.
  • This decimation will not drop any hotspot where there are no other hotspots within the decimation distance.
  • New hotspot reports take precedence over older detections.
  • All 'Hotspots' remain viewable in the main Sentinel Application.